21st Biennial Conference on
Chemical Education

University Of North Texas, Denton, TX   1-5 August 2010

"A New Decade For Opportunity"

Planning Committee

General Chair: Diana Mason

        Assistant to the General Chair:Bob Shelton

        Listserv Coordinator: Kenneth Williamson

Program Chairs: Amina K. El-Ashmawy, Maria Oliver-Hoyo

         Assistant to the Program Chairs: Jo King

        Plenary Speakers Coordinator: Cheryl Frech

        General Papers Coordinator:Tyson Miller

                Abstract Submissions Coordinator: John Gelder

        Two-year College Program Coordinators: Thom Jose, Susan Shih

         Pre-college Program Coordinators: Bettyann Howson, Jo King, Diane Krone

                Pre-college Local Liaison: Robyn Ford, Lisa McGaw

        Miscellaneous Coordinator: Mark Morvant

Exhibits Coordinator:Vickie Williamson

        Assistant to the Exhibits Coordinator: Deborah Walker

Publicity Coordinators: Bob Shelton; Kris Sherman

Workshop Coordinators: Bill Deese, Ryan Prnka

        Safety Coordinator: Bill Deese

        Instruments Technician: Jose Calderon (UNT)

Demonstration Coordinator: Ken Lyle

        Chemical Supplies Coordinator: Sabrina Gilbreath (UNT stockroom)

Poster Sessions Coordinators: Jeff Hepburn, Mark Freilich

Guest Eagle Mail Coordinator: Lauri McDonald

Technical Coordinator: Tina Mewhinney

Social Activities/Family Program Coordinator: Anna Bayless, Cathy Molina

Volunteers Coordinator: Heather Hattori

Newsletter Editor: Andy Jorgensen

        Conference Photographer and Reporter: Andy Jorgensen

Conference manager: UNT Center for Achievement and Lifelong Learning (CALL)

        Conference treasurer: UNT CALL

        Travel coordinator: Dana Lodge (Denton Convention and Visitor Bureau)

Webmaster: Robert Forsbach

DivCHED Consultant: Bill Harwood